Foo Fighters Drum Cover

My hero Foo Fighters

The initial 'Foo Fighters' album would be a collection of Dave Grohl's solo recordings and was their official debut. This American band was formed by musician Dave Grohl in 1995. The name 'Foo Fighters' came after World War II where it was named for various unexplained phenomena in Wwii. Pilots in Europe called them "Kraut balls". It was how they referred to japan fliers who have been infamous for erratic flying. The name "Foo Fighters" is the name provided by the historians and scientists towards the general body of circular, spherical, disc-like, or wedged shaped "bogies".

This famous band has generated themselves among the hardest rocking outfits on earth. "Foo Fighters" are known for their inventive videos and live performances. The ' Foo Fighters' band was formed by former Nirvana drummer, Dave Grohl. Their official debut, 'Colour and Shape' sounds different than its predecessor. This album is sold with some of the best tunes and melodies you have heard. The album features a collection of pop rock classics, full of bounce and melody. Foo Fighters have a real feeling of originality and depth in their songs. The slight metal overtones give an extra effect to their song. Songs like 'Hey, Johnny Park!' and 'My Hero' are a good example.

My hero Foo Fighters

This guitar rock band "Foo Fighters" was officially formed in 1995 and they purchased their first album in 1995 that was named as Foo Fighters. The name is comes from a secret force agency in World War II. In 1997, they included their second album, Colour and Shape. In 1999, they launched their album, "There are few things to Lose" which won the Grammy Award for optimum Rock Album in 2001.

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